Monday, March 26, 2012


It was a couple of hours before the deadline for the week's photo entry at the Circle of Amateur Photographers.
The theme was WATER DROPS.

It was already late for me to take a fresh photo, and at the same time, I don't have my stock photos with me, since I left my laptop back home (we were sleeping-over my in-laws that night), so I thought of forgoing on submitting my photo entry for the week.
But Ives wouldn't let me, so I just browsed over my photo albums that I uploaded in my Facebook account.
At last, I found a photo that shows a dramatic flow of water drops on a lovely face...

Although I already found a good photograph, and downloaded it from my fb account, I have two reservations:
First is, I only took that picture using a point and shoot compact camera, my NIKON COOLPIX L21.
And secondly, I don't have the high resolution original with me, I have no other choice but to settle for a highly compressed version in Facebook.

Regardless of these doubts, I submitted it, just for the sake of passing a photograph for the week. I want to regularly support CoAP by submitting my weekly entry.

But much to my surprise, I was already sound asleep when my hubby Ives excitedly woke me up at around one in the morning!
I was about to kick him for disturbing my much needed sleep, when his words rang sweetly in my ear!
"Hun your picture made it as one of the runners-up!"
And he was saying this over and over again!

It was one of the best sleep disturbances that I experienced!

I felt honored for having my photograph be recognized, and making it as one of the runners-up.

Thanks so much to the Circle of Amateur Photographers.

Special thanks also to my muse, Kacey Escalona.

And most especially, thanks to my hunny Ives, for sharing with me his passion in photography!

Now, without further ado, let me show you the photograph that made it as one of the runners-up for CoAP's Water Drops theme:

model: Kacey Escalona
venue: Mabuhay Manor Hotel

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Summer is an action-packed season…

It’s a time where I love going to the beach… and my favorite destination is… BORACAY!

Some are so excited just to cool their bodies down by just sprawling on the cool sand… others love to swim… go snorkeling, island hopping, jet skiing, and many more activities that you can do in the beach… and I really love doing those things!

But if you were to ask me what is it that I’m so excited about Boracay?

It’s Jonah’s fruit shakes!!!

No, it’s not an ordinary fruit shake… it’s not something that you can buy in the malls or any shops!


So refreshing, so smooth and sweet!  You can choose from different varieties of fresh fruits,  and there are choices of combinations of fruits and other dessert s like chocolate and nuts!

Oh, and the best part of it, is you'll get to share a few stories with the fruit shake king himself, whom we fondly call "Kuya Jonah!"

this is what I ordered, ripe mango and banana shake
me and my hubby with the fruit shake king, Jonah


No, I’m not talking about the Battle of Thermopylae which was featured in the movie 300… hey I’m all about food, so I’m trying to figure out which Persian restaurant is the best for me… is it Mr. Kabab? (located at West Ave. QC and UP-Ayala Technohub Commonwealth QC) Or the other Persian restaurant, The World’s Best Persian Restaurant? (I’m not trying to describe the place, that’s the name of the restaurant! Located at Quezon Ave. QC)

Both of them have their own killer entrees and both have their own not-so-good recipes.
Here are the foods that I tried so far…

Mr. Kabab: I really really love their chicken beryani, lamb beryani, falafel plate and their chicken chelo special… they are to die for! But forget their shawarma plate and shawarma sandwich, the beef they used is a little dry and it lacks a bit of that Persian spice…

TWBPR:  I think this is where I’ve tasted the best shawarma ever! Most especially when you top it with hot garlic sauce…. Ahhh, it’s uh-ma-zing! And it goes best with their mango yoghurt shake. But when I tried their chicken beryani, I was quite disappointed since it is quite lacking not just in the serving size but also in taste.

 So who wins? ME!… because each has their own specialty dishes that I can always go to whenever I crave for that Persian taste… like I said I’m all about food!

Mr. Kabab's chicken chelo special 

Array of yoghurt and fruit shakes

Falafel plate from Mr. Kabab Persian Restaurant

delicious Lamb Beryani

really really delicious Chicken Beryani
Mango Yoghurt Shake by The World's Best Persian Restaurant

The BEST Shawarma I've ever tasted is at TWBPR

Monday, March 19, 2012


Most of the times we want to go to these really fancy and expensive restaurants and enjoy choosing from their over-prized-hard-to-pronounce menu! But still we love the feel of the cozy ambience and VIP treatment we get from the maitre d’ down to the waiter.

Or perhaps indulge in those exotic foods that some provinces or countries offer. Getting accustomed to the different tastes of spices and seasonings in our palate until we come to love the taste of it.

These are some of the GASTRONOMIC PLEASURES I enjoy.

But there is one place that I love to go to and hang out once in a while… and enjoy the simple pleasures of life… it’s the twirled chocolate and vanilla ice cream that you can only buy at Ministop convenience store… it’s like a taste of heaven… only, it is in a cone.

Simple pleasure... heaven in a cone!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I used to culture orchids when I was younger,
Unfortunately, my orchids didn't last long...
Maybe because I don't have what they say the green thumb...
Or maybe because I didn't place them in the right environment...
Or most probably, because, I was just so lazy to take care of them.
Don't hate me.
Believe me, I really love them floras and faunas.
It's just that I lose the time and enthusiasm in nurturing them.
But when I learned that the Philippine Orchid Society have their expo at Quezon Memorial Circle,
I didn't think twice.
Ives and I went there despite of the rain.
It was still raining when we got there, but that didn't stop us.
There are different categories in the expo.
The landscape, cacti, bonsai, and orchid categories.
I'll be posting all of the categories.
For now, I'll be posting the orchid category...
And this time, my orchids will definitely last FOREVER...

I think the rain drops added beauty to these golden yellow orchids!

I think this is a white Cattleya

these white orchids are the most common of all orchids... 
so pretty lavender and purple orchids! I think they are called "moth orchids"

oh how I wish I could grow something so beautiful as this!

I used to have these green dendrobiums

lovely yellow dendrobiums
this was mama's favorite, she calls this "the dancing lady"

ooops! this is not an orchid! haha! 

white orchids, or the white dendrobiums, i used to have lots of these!

purple vanda sandereana or  waling-waling

orange vanda sandereana or more commonly called waling-waling

purple orchid

I think these are also dendrobiums

I just can't help but fall in love with this Cattleya

my last shot for my mama's favorite
Pardon my lack of knowledge on their names... all that matters to me is that I was able to capture their beauty... and preserve them through my photographs.

For more information regarding future expos and activities of the Philippine Orchid Society, you can check out their website at

Friday, March 16, 2012


There is no stopping, summer is definitely here!
Some prefer to go to the beach.
Of course, there is no denying that all of us enjoy the beach.
I myself love its beautiful sunset,
Breakfast by the beach front,
Cool sea breeze during the night,
And the exhilarating activities!

Another summer destination that I can recommend is of course the summer capital of the Philippines!

Baguio City that is!

Some choose to stay on travelers' inns...
Some prefer those cute Bed and Breakfast lodgings...
But for me, I used to prefer staying in hotels, most especially the ones just within the town proper.

But now, just recently, Ives and I were invited to stay in this beautiful transient home in Baguio.
This I think is the BEST Baguio accommodation for me!

It is a Zen-styled fully furnished home, with four beautiful bedrooms, 2 t&b with hot and cold water, spacious living room, well equipped dinning and kitchen area with drinking water.
This is located just five or so minute drive away from SM Baguio.
Inside an exclusive subdivision, so you wouldn't worry about your safety, nor the noisy sound of vehicles. You'd definitely have a good night's sleep while regaining your strength for another day's fun-filled activities that only Baguio City can offer!

For more info, you can check out their website:

Beautiful facade

Our bedroom. This is just one of the four relaxing bedrooms.

the spacious living room

Zen dinning room

A well-equipped dinning/kitchen/breakfast nook

One of the two t&b

After an eventful Baguio tour! Night cap with the hubby

with their kindly care taker, Manang Rose

Everything Zen

Transient home's view from the owner's main house

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


There are many benefits of walking in the park...
Good cardio exercise...
Fresh air for a healthier lungs...
And sweet bonding moments with your hunny!
These are all the things that I enjoyed when Ives and I went to Quezon Memorial Circle. 
But the best benefit I get from walking is the discovery of this dainty restaurant en route our planned destination!

Sunglass Cafe is a cute little country styled restaurant that serves hearty breakfast with unlimited serving of black organic rice, choices of lavazza or starbucks coffee, refreshing juices, cakes, sandwiches and pastas! 
Ives and I decided to try their all-day breakfast.
I chose their pork longganiza meal. It comes with black rice, egg, and coffee or juice.
While Ives decided on his all-time favorite breakfast, pork tapa meal.

The food was great! The unlimited black rice was a big plus to the greatness!
The price was so reasonable! 
The servers were friendly.
The place was really cozy. (too bad I wasn't able to take many pictures of the place and their country displays, both Ives and I were already starving!)
Even the restroom is so cute! The light switch displays the classic small coke poster a-la Norman Rockwell!
I promise to take pictures of each and every corner of the place once I go back there... 

For sure I'm going back to that place!

Ives' all-time favorite breakfast
Beef tapa and scrambled eggs

hearty breakfast
he's enjoying his 88-peso meal!

my pork longganiza and scrambled egg... plus the unli organic black rice!

pose before my dose :)
refreshing melon and strawberry juices

I just adore this small sachet of iodized salt
see how small this is?!