Monday, March 26, 2012


It was a couple of hours before the deadline for the week's photo entry at the Circle of Amateur Photographers.
The theme was WATER DROPS.

It was already late for me to take a fresh photo, and at the same time, I don't have my stock photos with me, since I left my laptop back home (we were sleeping-over my in-laws that night), so I thought of forgoing on submitting my photo entry for the week.
But Ives wouldn't let me, so I just browsed over my photo albums that I uploaded in my Facebook account.
At last, I found a photo that shows a dramatic flow of water drops on a lovely face...

Although I already found a good photograph, and downloaded it from my fb account, I have two reservations:
First is, I only took that picture using a point and shoot compact camera, my NIKON COOLPIX L21.
And secondly, I don't have the high resolution original with me, I have no other choice but to settle for a highly compressed version in Facebook.

Regardless of these doubts, I submitted it, just for the sake of passing a photograph for the week. I want to regularly support CoAP by submitting my weekly entry.

But much to my surprise, I was already sound asleep when my hubby Ives excitedly woke me up at around one in the morning!
I was about to kick him for disturbing my much needed sleep, when his words rang sweetly in my ear!
"Hun your picture made it as one of the runners-up!"
And he was saying this over and over again!

It was one of the best sleep disturbances that I experienced!

I felt honored for having my photograph be recognized, and making it as one of the runners-up.

Thanks so much to the Circle of Amateur Photographers.

Special thanks also to my muse, Kacey Escalona.

And most especially, thanks to my hunny Ives, for sharing with me his passion in photography!

Now, without further ado, let me show you the photograph that made it as one of the runners-up for CoAP's Water Drops theme:

model: Kacey Escalona
venue: Mabuhay Manor Hotel